Constantly Racing by Zandile Funde


By: G. Franklin Prue

November 25, 2015


Author Zandile Funde gives us the story of senior High School student  Jo venturing into a new phase in her life after the death of her father. She is an adopted black girl taken into another family as a baby. Funde shows us how Jo tries to cope with melt-downs, accidents and love for the first time and even trying to be a big sister to her little sister Skylar.

Funde’s writing surprises us with Jo growing up trying to find out who and what she is becoming as a young woman. Her writing is like air, squeezed with angst with exceptional drama do to her family situation. The characters are like water and a fresh breath of air in these pages.

Jo falls in love with the mixed up bad boy Jason and her sister falls in love with Tyler. It is a good read to show young couples starting to think on their own. Every parent prays they can protect their children when they leave the house to go to school. Funde does a good job in portraying the relationship between this newly bereaved widow and her daughters. I can relate with her music in these pages of lost and young love. This Writer will walk on water one day. Author Zundile Funde story holds up nicely as I catch my breath for Constantly Racing.